Sheila Bernad(non-registered)
They are wonderful. Thought I was looking at my photos in some cases. GOOD WORK!!!
Ron Trebbbi(non-registered)
These are AWESOME!!!!
I really like the reflections in the façade ones, especially some of the irregular facades and the building framing building ones!!! Especially the Chrysler building in the bridge and the curved courtyard framing the condo/office building?
You have the eye of a fine artist looking at and making fine art from the architecture around you!!!!!
I am super proud of you and your work!!!!!
ROCK ON!!!!!!!

Very impressive and beautiful work.
Craig Kenyon(non-registered)
This is a beautiful site.

As you start your own business helping other artists please never forget that you are an exquisite artist in your own right. You have a UNIQUE and incredible talent as a professional photographer that should be shared with the world!!!

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